The BBC has returned to the talent at axisVFX to create visual effects for the third series of popular kids show, Wizards vs Aliens.

Visual effects supervisors Grant Hewlett and Howard Jones formed the backbone of the team that delivered series one and two. The show follows Tom Clarke and his friend Benny Sherwood as they try to save Earth from the Nekross alien threat.

“For series 3 BBC Producer Derek Ritchie was keen to further develop the VFX style seen in the first two series but also push the quality and integration” said axisVFX Supervisor Grant Hewlett. “There are over 270 VFX shots in the show, the majority of which are magical effects."

"Streamlining the tools in this area was the key to unlocking a more efficient workflow.This new workflow enabled our team of FX artist’s greater flexibility and realism in crafting seamless effects to enhance the story.”

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