Gravity scooped six VES awards at 2014's VFX and animation awards ceremony in Hollywood on Friday, and an additional six BAFTAs including Outstanding British Film and Best VFX at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards ceremony in London last night. Framestore's stunning VFX also place Gravity in prime position to collect the VFX Oscar next month.

Much like previous Oscar winners Life of Pi and Hugo, the film uses stereoscopic 3D VFX in a much more mature way than most 3D films – rendering the beauty of the Earth from space and the destructive power of objects hurtling through their orbits in a manner that's alternately serene and seat-clenchingly tense.

The team at Framestore has shared its own take on the technical side of its work on the VFX of the film with us, which we've published across the following pages.

Use the controls above and right to find out how Gravity's VFX was created.

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