"If you've had the experience of flying in space,” says astronaut Chris Hadfield, "what do you do with that experience? How do you explain it to yourself and how do you explain it to everyone else in way that means something, and how do you give back on the incredible privilege that you've had?"

For Chris, the answer was to co-create an animated YouTube show with his son Evan – who wrote the script – animator and director DC Turner and producer Tracy King. The show aims to explains key science-related issues that have a worldwide impact such as climate change and vaccination using a mixture of humour, engaging and informative animated graphics and a voiceover with the scientific authority of someone who’s actually been to space. (You can watch the teaser trailer above.)

Chris has flown into space three times, for a total of six months – and spent time on both the ISS (International Space Station) and Russia’s MIR station. He commanded the ISS, but is probably best known for a recording of himself singing Bowie’s Space Oddity while floating in the station’s zero gravity – which has been watched more than 30 million times on YouTube.

I spoke to Chris, DC and Tracy about the project at the London offices of The Foundry, whose Mischief drawing software was used by DC to sketch the show’s character design. Read on for the interview.

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