Savage Interactive has built upon its Procreate for iPad digital art tool to develop Procreate Pocket, an iPhone app for sketching and illustrating concepts on the move.

“The best sketchpad is the one that’s always on you. Ever since the release of Procreate 1.0 in 2011, we’ve wanted to bring Procreate to iPhone,” said Savage Interactive CEO, James Cuda, “The biggest challenge was providing a quality experience on a much smaller screen.”

“With the release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, we knew it was the right time. The gorgeous screens of the new iPhones gave us the opportunity to finally develop a fantastic experience for sketching and illustration on iPhone. Create - anytime, anywhere.”

Procreate Pocket incorporates nearly every tool from Procreate, including the multitouch colour wheel, filters, layer blend modes, and Freehand Selection and Transform tools. These have been redesigned specifically for iPhone.

“We designed Procreate as a professional solution for mobile art creation,” said Cuda. “Procreate Pocket is the next step in that evolution. Being able to take this sort of creative power with you, anywhere you go, makes the creation experience even more intimate”

Pocket is available exclusively from the App Store today.

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