Many of us will have installed Toca Boca’s creations on tablet and smartphone to keep our younger kids amused, so when a new one is launched it's bound to be of interest. However if you're already a fan, Toca Nature will be quite different from what you're used to from the Swedish kids app design studio.

Created by Swedish designer Mårten Brüggemann, the app is imbued with a dreamy, artistic design amplifying the mysterious and magical side of nature. According to Brüggemann, the new app captures the wonder and magic of the natural world with its unique style.

In Toca Nature, kids can create and explore their own environment, populating it with different species of plants and animals, sculpting the landscape with lakes, mountains and different types of forest and woodland.

The app also encourages children to think about how different aspects of the environment connect and interact. Inspired by a child’s perspective and attention to detail, Toca Nature was also influenced by the Swedish app designers’ childhood experiences of the natural world.

Read on for our interview with Mårten.

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