Lightricks, developer of Facetune, has launched photo editing application Enlight.

Enlight is built on Lightricks’ proprietary technologies such as LTEngine advanced visual processing engine, and offers professional image editing tools, tone/colour adjustments, artistic effects and filters.

Tools like Mixer (pictured) seamlessly combine two or more photos with a variety of blending modes, while Clarity allows you to instantly repair dark photos and brings out details.

Enlight is available exclusively through the App Store in the Photo & Video category for £2.99 ($3.99)

“Nothing like Enlight exists on the market,” said Zeev Farbman, CEO and Co-Founder of Lightricks. “In addition to upgraded versions of existing tools, Enlight offers new features that, until now, were only seen on desktop editing software, if at all."

"In some ways, we started Lightricks to bring Enlight to the world, because we saw such a huge gap between academic research and the technology being offered to consumers for mobile photo editing worldwide. Smartphones are bringing the highest quality cameras to our daily lives. It’s time the highest quality software in the field came to mobile, too.”

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