"So...when's the consumer version of the Rift coming?" I've been asking Oculus that question since the first time I strapped one over my eyes, and every time co-founder Nate Mitchell would give me a rueful shake of the head. "We don't know. It's coming."

But we know: It's Q1 2016. And thus it's high time for Oculus to discuss what consumers will actually get their hands on next year bring to an end this long and winding road. It's a road that's seen VR turn from a novelty into an arms race, that's seen Oculus go from "easy frontrunner" to jockeying for position with Valve, that's seen the fledgling company bought by Facebook of all things.

It's been weird.

Lasr night, at an Oculus press conference in San Francisco, we got our first real details about the consumer version of Oculus Rift, informally known as 'Consumer Rift'.

The big news: a new control scheme designed for virtual reality: Oculus Touch. More on that later.

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