We discuss with appeal of teletext art – and how you can start creating it – with artist Dan Farrimond.

If creating GIF or pixel art is still too modern for your retro sensibilities and you’re looking for an even more archaic technological form to work within, you should look into teletext art.

The form is one of the technically restrictive around, requiring you to really push your imagination to create all but the simplest images or concepts. However, there’s a lot of artistic potential to creating graphics in a format that viewers instinctual reaction to see it is one of warm nostalgia – and what you can do to subvert and ask questions of that.

Teletext artworks are currently being exhibited at the International Teletext Art Festival in Berlin – as well on the still-running teletext service of German public broadcaster ARD. Dan Farrimond is one of two UK-based artists showing work at the Festival.

We sat down with Dan to talk about why he – and we – are drawn to such an outmoded form for technology, and how to take your first steps as a teletext artist.

Use the slideshow controls above and right to read the interview and see more of Dan's work.

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