Liene Birka is a Honours graduate from Abertay University whose digital papercraft project formed part of the showcase of the recent degree show.

The 24-year old is a generalist video games artist from Latvia. “I chose games because of the collaborative nature of the industry as well as the interactive outcome of said collaboration,” she explains. “I find seeing the collective efforts come to life incredibly satisfying.”

DA: What was the brief or concept for your piece ?

LB: "Dawn is the product of my research into the concept of handcrafted video games.

I wanted to create a visual language that would challenge and expand on what we perceive as conventional video game graphics.

"'Craftsmanship' is not a word commonly associated with video games (or in fact a lot of other digital media) but I believe it should be. A lot of people with unique talents apply their imaginations and work tirelessly to bring the world new and innovative titles.

"I wanted to see if I could evoke that appreciation for the hand-crafted in a purely digital medium without direct traditional roots by using digital paper as my bridge-building material."

Use the slideshow controls above and right to discover more about how Liene created this project

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