London-based agency The Rumpus Room has designed a digital jukebox for the new Soho pub The Duck & Rice, which invites visitors to select tracks to play in the pub using their mobile devices.

Playfully titled ‘Duckbox’, this feature is driven by website and offers a changing collection of tracks, many inspired by local Soho record stores.

The Rumpus Room also built a digital installation behind the bar indicating the Duckbox’ current track.

Functioning as an abstract and sound-responsive clock, this display subtly mirrors the time honoured tradition of 'the three flying ducks on the wall’ - while tipping its hat to the venue’s own iconography.

Converted from the site of the venerable Soho watering hole, The Endurance, The Duck & Rice is the latest venture by restaurateur Alan Yau, founder of the Wagamama food chain

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