As a central London-based journalist, it'd be easy for me to limit my trips to grad shows to the multi-institution shows like Free Range, New Designers and New Blood (especially as I'm judging the 'best of' for the latter again this year) – where animators, creative directors, designers and illustrators essentially all come to me to check out their work.

However, you can't see any of the work at the scale it sometimes deserves  – and you can miss some great talents who haven't got the money to do the 'big' shows. So I try to make myself go to university shows I know will be of merit, and it's great that some of the institution have made it easy for me by being based a stone's throw from the Digital Arts office (Central Saint Martins), being on my way home (RCA) or – in this case – setting up a show just south of the River even though their uni is based only down in the suburbs of south-west London.

Kingston University's grad show for its illustration and animation work makes the most of the space it has, with many artists showcasing their work through installations, like Anni Sayers here.

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