The button badge aficionados at Stereohype have just launched a new website, revamping text and functionality and rejigging all pictures in higher resolution for full display on retina screens.

According to co-founder and creative director Tomi Vollauschek, the first version of the Stereohype website was created in 2004.

“While it did us a great service for many years, the shortcomings became increasingly apparent as products were added over the years,” he added. “Patching up the website just did not solve the issues anymore towards the end. It was also designed with only a couple of hundred products in mind.”

“Without taking different formats and T-shirt sizes into consideration we now have over 1,300 products; a whopping 1,383 in fact, as our fresh new counter indicates on the new homepage.”

The new site was designed by Stereohype's parent-company, multi-disciplinary design studio [email protected], and programmed by Huck und Fresow.

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