Last weekend saw the launch of Light Echoes, an immersive installation at The Barbican Curve Gallery.

Created by Aaron Koblin, founder of Google’s Data Arts Team, and Tool's interactive director Ben Tricklebank,  the exhibit launched as part of multimedia artist Doug Aitken’s month-long event at the Barbican Centre, Station to Station: A 30-Day Happening.

The collaborators were part of Aitken’s US-based Station to Station event in 2013, which crossed North America by train in 2013 travelling 4,000 miles from the Atlantic to the Pacific over 24 days.

On the tour, Koblin and Tricklebank employed laser and camera technology to map the landscape with stunning visual images and poetic wordscapes at night.

Image: Photo by Rob Stothard / Getty Images. Courtesy of Barbican Centre 

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