A landmark series of fully animated eBooks is set to be launched by Profile Books to offer concise, clear and entertaining introductions to big subjects, written by some of the brightest minds.

Fusing text and animated images from Cognitive Media, the award-winning team behind RSA Animate, the Ideas In Profile series kicks off with Politics by David Runciman. one of the world’s leading political scientists. The onsale date is June 12, but Digital Arts managed to get an exclusive interview with Cognitive founder and director Andrew Park about the project. Future titles in the series include Art History by Martin Kemp, The Ancient World by Jerry Toner and Shakespeare by Paul Edmondson.

MB: What did you want the animations to add for the reader, something which print doesn't convey?

AP: "Animation is a time-based medium whereas print is static. This means that one can be very directive in the animation as to where the audience pays attention. It is possible to do this in print but the format limitations of the print book, length and size meant that we had to be quite sparing with the storytelling illustrations in print.

"With the print version, I think there are definitely more illustrations to support the text whereas the animated versions are standalone films with a voice over that can be understood separately from the source text."

Use the slideshow controls above and right to learn how to animation was created.

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