Apple has announced iOS 9. The update will support all of the devices that ran iOS 8, including the aging iPad 2 and iPhone 4S. In addition to a developer beta that's available Monday, Apple will launch a public beta for the operating system in July. It will ship in the autumn.

In iOS9, Siri, Apple's virtual assistant, now lets users set voice reminders that are triggered by events such as when a user connects their phone to a car or arrives at home. Users who want to get access to content deeper in their phone can ask the assistant something like "show me photos from Brighton" and have Siri pull up the relevant images from inside a user's photo library.

The iOS update also makes Siri more proactive, so that it will suggest applications based on where a user is, and what accessories are connected to the device. Siri will also automatically add calendar invitations to a user's calendar and then offer up reminders based on traffic conditions.

Apple also added support for searching within apps from iOS's Spotlight feature using a new API in iOS 9. For example, people can search for recipes inside food apps they have on their devices, without having to open them.

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