When I first wrote about Adobe's DPS (Digital Publishing System) in 2011, it was aimed at magazine publishers who wanted to sell digital editions as well as print ones. Since then - and this was long enough ago that there was still a print edition of Digital Arts - it's turned out that not that many readers want to pay for digital editions of print titles on a monthly basis. Instead - says Adobe - what people in the creative industries actually want to do with DPS is create regularly updated branded apps for their clients: apps which are free and range from corporate updates to content-based marketing.

(Publishers aren't excluded, but the market says that as on the web, the content will be free and paid for by advertising and marketing).

Based on this, Adobe has redesigned DPS 'from the ground up'. The new DPS has been in beta with customers for over a month, and it's now officially available (to companies with Creative Cloud Enterprise licences and through Adobe's Marketing Cloud Platform.

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