The Discover Chidren's Story Centre in Stratford is one of London's best creative spaces for children – and one of my son Adam's favourite places. There are regular readings and art sessions from leading children's authors and illustrators – coming up soon are Peter Harris and Deborah Allwright as well as Claire Freedman and Ben Cort – but it's the special installations that have turned a large space in the basement into a succession of magical worlds that have left the greatest impression on us.

In the past these have included The House Where Winter Lives – an interactive play for children by the usually-for-adults-only theatre company Punchdrunk that brought out the most enraptured look I've ever seen on Adam's face - and it's latest exhibition is an inspiring and creative experience too.

Once There Was... The Wonderful World of Oliver Jeffers turns the space into a compressed version of the worlds found in the author and illustrator's best known books: Lost and Found, Up and Down, How to Catch A Star and The Way Back Home. Visiting one Sunday in October, we were greeted at the door by the Lost and Found officer, who led the children and adults in song before letting them loose on the exhibition.

The fantastic exhibition is set to close its doors on 6 September, so these next two weeks will be your last chance to visit.

Read on to see more of what's on show in this Oliver Jeffers interactive exhibition.

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