The Barbican's current exhibition, Into the Unknown: A Journey through Science Fiction, celebrates the vision of future offered by sci-fi in media from film and music to comics and games. The show contains objects from Jules Verne's original manuscripts to John Hurt's spacesuit from Alien, and there are installations linked to Black Mirror and The Martian (by Territory Studio, creators of the huge holographic ads in Ghost In The Shell).

Alongside this, the London venue's shop has brought together wares from books to posters to jewellery that any design-minded individual would appreciate. The headline items are four specially commissioned Penguin Classics novels with covers designed by Jamie Keenan. These draw on the brutalist architecture of the Barbican Centre and its surrounding estate, its towers emblazoned with the IngSoc's slogans – 'War is Peace', Freedom is Slavery' – for 1984.

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