Start-up Saktory has created a series of Swiss Army Knives featuring artwork by two artists Sarah Jeanette Connor and William J Fletcher – and there are some worthy designs alongside some cheesy reproductions of the likes of Banksy.

The Studio Edition knives are customised versions of Victorinox’s official Swiss Army Knives – the company has the contract to produce knives for the Swiss Army. There are 14 variations of the knife available with the design, each offering a different selection of tools – ranging from the basic Spartan (£39.99) to the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink SwissChamp (£74.99), with specialist models available for hikers, anglers and mountaineers.

You can also get your own art and designs printed on the knives, though you need to contact Saktory for these custom jobs.

Image: A Clockwork Fractal

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