Jim Skwak's artworks are initially overwhelming (in a fun way). Packed with bright, odd characters that he calls his 'maniacs' - plus a huge number of objects, vehicles and scenery - each is an intense experience that reveals its meaning slowly as you spend time on each of the details.

Jim has produced illustrations for the likes of Microsoft, McDonalds and his co-owned clothing line Sneakymob - which we'll feature later in this story - but he's just released some new personal artworks.

His latest piece, The Story of Man And Power, sees the French artist looking at the actions that have put men into power. It features achievements - both good and bad - from the early days of Man right to the present day, where a Donald Trump-like figure is chasing the Statue of Liberty. This symbol of the US seems more focussed on chasing a Pokeball than what the Trumpling is doing.

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