Jonathan Calugi’s illustrations are blissfully chaotic yet artfully composed world of vibrant shapes and lines. To me, his work ties the knot between surrealist painter Joan Miro and street artist Keith Haring at the altar of digital illustration.

Yet Jonathan is an innovator in his own right. Andrew Shapiro, certainly thinks so. Andrew, Airbnb’s head of brand creative, recently commissioned Pistoia, Italy-based Jonathan after being drawn to the illustrator’s ‘oneline’ style. As the name suggests, Jonathan’s ‘onelines' use a single continuous line to create human and non-human figures. Though the concept may sound simple enough, the end results are anything but.

Jonathan’s ambitious set of pieces for Airbnb – titled One love, One Line, One World – features the loose, playful movements of a line that intricately loops, curls, twists and folds into various human forms – only to unravel back into abstraction. Look closely and you can spot figures poised in all sorts of routines: making phone calls, reading, typing on laptops, carrying briefcases, and even holding wrenches and cogs. Considering its complexity, it’s hard to believe a single line connects so many figures.

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