Girls of the Underworld is a group show at the Kult Gallery in Singapore that examines what it means to be female in contemporary Asia, from the perspective of young female artists.

Kult invited 37 Singapore-based female artists to create a new piece of work that captures their perspective on living and working in fast-paced modern Asia. This was achieved through exploring subjects such as music, identity, pop TV and movie culture.

Artists were given freedom to create their work using various mediums, such as painting, drawing, silkscreening, collaging, and even animated GIFs as a form of artistic conversation.

The show features local female artists such as Adeline Tan, Dawn Ang, Inkten, Kristal Melson, Soph Ong and Tiffany Tan.

Kult’s Curators said that there was currently a boom of creativity in Singapore, especially amongst the female community, with ‘Girls of the Underworld’ aiming to capture and celebrate this phenomenon.

All artworks will be available for sale at the Kult online store.

Image shown is Be the Heroine, Not the Victim, by Hedy Hadi.

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