The winners of the 9th annual Sterohype Button Badge competition have been awarded by a team of 30 judges including Digital Arts editor Neil Bennett. The graphics art label has released its own BIO (By Invitiation Only) 13 range and a custom designed shoelace box.

First to fifth prizes were awarded in two categories: for individual badges and sets of four. The top single badge prize went to Shiva Karamzadeh, while the first prize for a set went to Sara Cunha.

Stereohype also gave out its own special prizes in both categories, which went to Cynthia Bataille for a single badge and Jono Sandilands for a set.

The judges also included writers Angharad Lewis, Gavin Lucas, Liz Farrelly, previous winners and of course Tomi and Agathe from the graphic arts label (and the associated design studio [email protected]).

You can buy the winning badges from the Stereohype website.

Use the slideshow controls above and right to see the winning badges.

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