As part of the Brighton Digital Festival, artist and professor William Latham is putting on an exhibition of his digital artworks.

The Mutator 1 + 2: Evolutionary Art by William Latham exhibition takes place at Phoenix Brighton from September 7 to October 2013, and you can see examples of his work right.

William Latham was one of the first UK artists in the 80’s to create computer art. His work blends organic imagery and computer animation, using software modeled upon the processes of evolution. Starting with a simple shape, Latham introduces random ‘mutations’ of a form in order to generate increasingly complex three-dimensional creations that resemble fantastical, futuristic organisms.

Mutator 1 + 2 is Latham’s first major exhibition in the UK in over twenty years, and includes his early hand-drawn work, large computer generated Cibachrome prints, video art and his most recent interactive projected imagery that explores and embodies evolutionary processes, physical and virtual space.

Use the slideshow controls above and right to learn more about William Latham and see more of his work.

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