The poster campaign for Pride in London's 2017 celebration of LGBT+ community featuring work by some of the UK's leading illustrators has been partially withdrawn after causing offence.

The campaign, commissioned by agency WCRS, saw quotes turned into 30 posters featuring artworks and lettering by the likes of Cachetejack, Supermundane, Pete Fowler, Craig & Karl, Alec Doherty, Thomas Hedger, Owen Gildersleeve, Tobias Hall and many more.

Some viewers accused the quotes of insulting LGBT+ people, stereotyping straight people and generally having tin ear for how we talk about sexuality in 2017. Since then Pride in London has apologised and removed some of the posters.

"It is clear we misjudged the content of some of the messages in this poster series, undermining the individuality, importance, and dignity of the LGBT+ community," Pride in London said in a statement to the BBC.

"This was never our intention, and we are genuinely sorry to have played any part in something that appears to devalue our own community, and have removed these... images from our campaign."

The posters that appears to have caused most offence was this one which reads 'Being Homophobic is so Gay'.

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