Pelting down a hill on a bicycle is one of childhoods enduring memories and for those of us whose inner-child remains obsessed with two wheels well into our 40s, hills and mountains remain alluring on a bicycle.

Artist Nigel Peake sums it up well as “the beauty of the struggle” in his pull-out-and-frame poster book Cycling Climbs, a collaboration with Claire Beaumont from bike-makers Condor.

Nigel’s images will be loved by hardened cyclists and the new breed of middle-aged-men-in-Lycra. He has captured the evocative climbs that viewers of legendary events like the Tour de France will dream of. But Nigel has captured the tonal nature of riding into hills and mountains, a view you can often live with for hour after hour as you toil upwards.

The subtle greys of Mont Ventoux brings to life the enhanced shapes of the foreground you gain as you climb on a misty winter or spring day, while the tiles of the cobbled Koppenberg in Belgium – yes I did say Belgium – in vibrant red remind you that compared to the Alps this may not be a mountain, but ancient cobbled roads bear their own danger and red tells you how much respect to pay this road.

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