The Lazarides Rathbone Gallery in London is hosting a new exhibition of paintings by Oliver Jeffers, called Measuring Land and Sea.

“Measuring Land and Sea continues Oliver Jeffers’ investigation into the philosophical impasse at which art and science often find themselves,” said the gallery. “While one is by nature subjective and the other is defined by the pursuit of objectivity, both express two very human characteristics: feeling and reasoning.”

Oliver Jeffers work takes many forms, including installations, illustrations, collage, cartography and figurative painting.

But you may know him as a creator of picture books. If you haven’t, and you have kids of a certain age, then you really should.

His books are so well–loved that the Discover Chidren's Story Centre in Stratford turned his children's illustrations into an immersive play space, which you can read about here.

Measuring Land and Sea runs from 20th November to 23rd December.

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