This month was supposed to see the introduction of the Night Tube –  a 24-hour underground service running on five lines: Jubilee, Victoria, Piccadilly, Central and Northern lines. The project has been delayed due to disagreements over safety and work/life balance between Transport for London and unions representing their workers – but a series of prints created to herald its arrival are coming out anyway.

Artists Noma Bar, Kristjana S Williams, Morag Myserscough, Virginie Morgand and Malika Favre are amongst those selected to add their work to this project by Outline Editions and Transport for London, and the array of contributions range from highly detailed illustrations to simple but striking minimalist graphics and from very bright, bold pieces to more delicate, restrained offerings. The assembled works are arresting and cohesive when taken as a whole but each piece also stands alone and tells its own unique story.

The result is a wonderful treasure-trove of a collection – vibrant and celebratory and inspiring thoughts of London at its best: cool and contemporary, diverse and exciting, historic and aesthetically interesting.

The exhibition will run from 24th-27th September at DesignJunction as part of the London Design Festival. Print releases can also be purchased at Outline Editions.

Image: Design duo Craig + Karl's highly stylised piece evokes both the energy of nighttime London and the twists and turns of the routes on underground maps.

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