You could easily imagine one of the artists of Gotham drawing dark thoughts in one of these new Moleskines. The company has released a new line of notebooks featuring a choice of five cover designs featuring Batman – including a limited edition based on Frank Millar’s classic 1986 reimagining of the comic book hero as a 55-year-old man, The Dark Knight Returns.

Each of the four main designs features metallic details, and all feature Batman stickers in the back pocket. All are available with lined or plain paper, and in Pocket (9 x 14cm) or Large sizes (13 x 21cm).

Each Batman-themed Pocket notebook costs €16.90 (£12.40), or $18.95 in the US, or €22.90 (£16.80)/$24 for the Large version.

Moleskine commissioned director Edson Oda to create video to promote the notebooks. You can watch it here.

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