Miffy is one of those rare children's characters that both kids and design-aware parents are drawn to. Dick Bruna's bright, minimalist illustrations of the eponymous bunny, her family and environment are bold, charming and easy for young children to understand.

While the stories are simply told, they often deal with difficult subjects. They effortlessly explain big events in ways children can understand – including traumatic events such as in Miffy Goes To Hospital and Dear Grandma Bunny (in which Miffy's grandmother is taken ill and dies).

Other Miffy books are pure fun and – in the case of Miffy's Dream – a completely surreal adventure (the book doesn't even have words).

Art-and-hanging system Ixxi has been offering designs based on Miffy stories for a while, and has just added three more – a height chart, bunting and a set based on Miffy at the Museum.

Miffy at the Museum is shown here. Read on to see the others and see how the innovative hanging system works.

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