Now this is how you create a collaborative artwork. Take two leading French illustrators with a shared love of cuisine, give them a week’s residency at the URDLA print shop in Villeurbanne and access to the finest foods of the region – and great wine too – and get them to produce a work based on what they ate.

You can see mcbess and Ugo Gattoni with the end result here, a print called Sweetbread. It’s black-and-white like all of mcbess’s work and much of Ugo’s. Both artists are best known for artworks that have no clear focal point, instead being packed with detail that encourages you to spend a lot of time exploring – discovering delightful details and characters. As your eye cruises around this print, you find elements that you know which artist was behind – from one of mcbess’s hipsters with tall, thin eyes to Ugo’s overwhelmingly-detailed architecture.

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