Illustrator Man-Tsun has created a new series of posters for Adult Swim, the TV channel that brings cartoons and animated shows to adults.

The promotional posters, which will also be used on the Adult Swim website, were a deviation from Man-Tsun's usual work, as his illustrations normally have a stronger Japanese anime and manga influence than those he created for this series. But thanks to his current role as Creative Manager at Turner, the broadcaster that owns Adult Swim, he was given the task of creating the new posters.

“This time, I had to create a set of posters based on western cartoons,” Man-Tsun told us. “This was a real challenge for me, because they're all licensed characters. I couldn't really modify or change the characters too much but at the same time I had to bring a completely different look and feel to them."

“I think I did well to blend my own Asian style into these western cartoons,” he added, noting “everyone is happy and impressed by the result.”

Use the slideshow controls above and right to see the rest of the posters in the new Adult Swim series created by Man-Tsun.

Right: Man-Tsun's poster for Adult Swim's longest running original series, Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

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