In the modern world, Lego has grown up. While still a wonderful child's toy that encourages design and engineering skills – inspiring a huge number of designers and architects such as Bjarke Ingels – it's also become a useful creative tool for adults and a medium for artists.

You can recreate iconic buildings designed by the likes of Le Corbusier, you can build business workshops around it, and you can create art from it.

Nathan Sawaya has been creating artworks for many years, turning a hobby into a full-time job – ditching a career as a lawyer for something more creative.

Nathan draws designers for this work on what he calls ‘brick paper’ – graph paper with Lego brick shapes instead of squares. Then, like a more artistic Lord Business, he constructs his works, gluing the bricks as he goes. Nathan used to create each work without glue, then painstaking recreate each creation, sticking brick to brick with toxic-smelling glue. Now he says he’s confident enough in his skills that he can go straight from his drawings to glued bricks – occasionally breaking out a hammer and chisel to make adjustments.

Image: Circle Torso, Triangle Torso, Square Torso. Photography/video by Dominik Tomasewski

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