Lizzie Mary Cullen is the latest professional illustrator to be brought into the phenomenally popular world of colouring books for adults. Here she's following in the footsteps of other long-term Digital Arts collaborators including Ollie Munden – creator of The Tattoo Colouring Book – and the genre's biggest artist, Johanna Basford. Read our interview with Johanna Basford about how she sold over a million copies of her colouring books.

The popularity of colouring books for grownups means that bookshops are awash with cheaply produced cash-ins full of twee, crude or poorly considered works - and many near-direct copies of the bestsellers. The best – like Ollie, Johanna and Lizzie's – draw on their distinct style of illustration. For Lizzie this is is a whirling, almost-psychedelic vision of the urban world based on psychogeography: representations of places that encapsulate their 'soul' - combining their cultural heritage and place within wider culture, society, history, architecture, relationship with other places and with the country as a whole (and even the rest of the world).

This approach to illustration has seen Lizzie commissioned for the likes of Zizzi and HTC - as well as creating a series of live art projects for clients including Oxfam  (projects which include the actual artworks and are usually filmed to build digital campaigns around).

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