The most appealing thing about Joto isn't the final output, but watching the process it goes through to draw (as you can see in the video above). When its makers first contacted us, they sent us a video of Joto drawing our logo – which really got our attention not just because of the personal touch, but because it's just fun to watch it draw. Even stripped of the humanity of traditional live art – or perhaps because of it – watching what's-essentially-a-robot draw is intriguing.

This is especially true if you don't know what the final piece will be – if someone else in your studio was telling it what to draw, or if you were a customer in the cafe example, or if Joto could somehow provide a 'random artwork a day' service.

“People just stand and watch a pen moving around,” says Jim Rhodes, founder of the design studio behind Joto, Those. “There's something mesmerising about it that. People seem to have some kind of intrinsic connexion with the pen that they can understand what it's for."

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