The artwork of California-based Skinner sits on that same meeting point of horror and psychedelia as British artist/illustrator as Godmachine and Dan Mumford, though his work is noticeably more 'out there' than those Brits. His work has found a lot of favour in heavy metal and skate cultures, and one of his latest projects is a four panel artwork for the vinyl and CD releases of the highly anticipated new album by rockers Mastodon, Once More Round The Sun.

The album's not out til June 24, but the artwork's already on show and has been garnering a lot of attention in both art and metal blogs, so I caught up with Skinner to find out more about the project.

NB: How would you describe yourself and your artwork?

S: "An experimentation in discovery, gods, discipline, risk and strange beasts. A mythology of psychedelic Jungian symbology. A Joseph Campbell search for my own myth and to understand the world I have created."

NB: So calling you a ‘metal/skate artist' is a bit restrictive?

S: "Well that is restrictive because it's a super generalized and marginal label. Not that I take it personally, it's just that I do anything I want to as a way of exercising my creative being and those are two of many many things that I do."

NB: What do you love most about working in your style?

S: "That it changes, that people like it, that it makes me feel good and that I can actually continue to live this life as a privilege and not a ditch digger.

"I'm extremely lucky and I love to work all the time and just like anything in this life: love, work, relationships, dreams – The more you put in, the more you get out."

Right: The panel that's being used as the CD cover for Mastodon's Once More Round The Sun (below, alongside the vinyl release).

Use the slideshow controls above and right to see the rest of the panels, and the artwork as a whole.

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