The words of Neil Gaiman are inextricably linked to Dave McKean's art. Though they've rarely collaborated since the 1990s – Neil writing the script for Dave's 2005 feature film MirrorMask – Dave created the covers for Neil's iconic Sandman comic series that first made him famous and still have a huge cult audience.

It's fitting then that Dave has created illustrations for a new edition of Neil's most highly regarded novel, 2001's modern mythology American Gods. Released by The Folio Society just before a US TV version of the novel comes to Amazon Prime (in the UK) and Starz (in the US), it's as lusciously designed and produced as you'd expect from the imprint.

The new American Gods edition is a hefty hardback that sits inside a solid-feeling slipcase. The case has two full-colour illustrations, with the hardback inside featuring debossed gold versions.

Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean's American Gods costs £75. You can buy it direct from The Folio Society.

Read on for our interview with Dave about the book.

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