Butcher Billy's latest project again puts a darkly humorous spin on the pop culture of decades past. Gere he's applied the iconic cover design style of early Stephen King books to 80s 'pop classics' (as well as some earlier songs that would have be played next to them on pop radio stations back then).

You can see them all in this story, while listening to this Spotify playlist of the tracks we've created for you.

Those novels followed a simple but effective layout. The author’s name took up the top third of the cover to make them easy to identify – as readers would be buying them for King’s brand of formulaic horror rather than based on the details of the plot. Below this would be a depiction of something horrific from the book – usually an object or person, often vignetted – plus the short title of one or two words.

And it worked – giving you an enticing instant idea of what the book contained (which was especially tantalising to my 14-16-year-old-self when they were kept in a locked glass cupboard in the school library, only available to sixth-formers).

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