Eight artists from a variety of disciplines have been commissioned by James Cropper Paper to contribute to a project called Redefining Paper. The aim was to rethink the way we view the humble piece of paper by developing artwork using a limited supply of paper. In an effort to allow maximum freedom of expression while staying true to the driving concept behind the project, the extent of the brief was the question 'What is the potential of a white piece of paper?' and the only restrictions were that the artists were prohibited from using dyes to colour the paper and from turning the paper into pulp.

The hugely varied offerings are both a fascinating reflection of how differently creative minds can interpret a simple brief, and a celebration of paper as an oft-disregarded medium in itself. From the ultra-simplicity of a customisable wall clock by Rosanna and Clint to the complex beauty of Megan Ocheduszko's range of jewellery made from lengths of spun paper, and from the structured, sharp lines of a lamp shade from Laura Nelson to the rippling curves of Dan Hoolahan's vase, this project is diverse, beautiful and stimulating.

If you're feeling jaded or adrift as an artist, Redefining Paper could be the inspiration you're looking for. Having seen the versatility of a simple sheet of paper, you can't fail to begin seeing potential everywhere.

Image: Kairos by Rosanna and Clint, Designers

Rosanna says: “Our initial interpretation of the brief was the importance for the paper’s original characteristics to remain in the finished piece, aiming to do only what was necessary to transform the single sheet of paper. After some exploration and experimentation we liked the idea of creating a timepiece. The opportunity to create an object with such functional purpose is something that excites us in the studio.”

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