This striking movie poster was designed by Lodz-based illustrator Bartosz Kosowski for the recent Polish film Jestem Morderca (I'm A Killer). It’s about the relationship between a man accused of a series of murders and a police detective who’s convinced that the man is guilty – and the effect that the case and their interactions have on them both.

Jestem Morderca is based on a true story from the early 1970s, and stars Arkadiusz Jakubik as the suspect Wieslaw Kalicki (on the left of the poster) and Miroslaw Haniszewski as policeman Janusz Jasinski (on the right). The artwork is rendered with intense detail in shades darker than much of Bartosz’s work, combining the faces to show the two characters at the core of the film’s story and how the lines between their roles may not be as clear cut as the viewer might assume.

I caught up with Bartosz over email to find out more about how he conceived, drew and coloured the work. (Warning, this interview gives away some spoilers for the film)

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