With HP's new Sprout, the company has literally gone back to the drawing board as far as what a computer can do. Yes, there's a high-end all-in-one PC at the core of the £1,200 device, announced Wednesday at an event in New York. But HP extends the Sprout's capabilities by adding powerful imaging and touch technology.

In a truly innovative stroke, the Sprout includes a second "display" that's actually a touch-enabled surface called a Touch Mat. Think of it as a virtual sketchpad: Using your finger, you can select an image from the main display, flick it down to the Touch Mat, and manipulate it with your hands – no mouse or keyboard required. It's a daring bid to reinvent how we use computers, built by a company that's trying to reinvent itself as well.

HP calls the Sprout an "immersive computing platform."

"We got this notion of going from thought to experience," says Eric Monsef, HP's vice president of immersive systems. "What kind of experience could I get with two screens and touch?"

Read on too learn more about how users interact with the Sprout platform.

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