Typewriter art is to be celebrated at a new solo show in Brighton, showcasing the work of London-based artist Hayden Kays.

Hayden's Stereotypewriter exhibition is set to kick off at the No Walls Gallery in Brighton on 3 May, where his work will be free to admire until 24 May.

The pieces feature imagery borrowed from mass culture, which are then paired with words punched out on Hayden's collection of typewriters. Some of the pieces feature no imagery at all, and rely simply on the power of the typed words, which can be funny, satirical and hard-hitting.

Hayden's work has been featured in the Independent, on book covers and in other newspapers, and also hit the media when One Direction's Harry Styles purchased £20,000 worth of pieces from the artist earlier this year. Plus, Hayden designed the artwork for the Kooks' new single and album.

He's also starred in exhibitions alongside David Bailey and Damien Hirst at the Saatchi Gallery, and has recently published his first book, 'Hayden Kays is an Artist,' which features a collection of his work.

Use the slideshow controls above and right for a sneak peek at the work that'll be on show at Hayden's Stereotypewriter exhibition next month.

Right: Look Into My Love by Hayden Kay.

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