The Green Man festival in the Brecon Beacons is a regular source of inspiration as well as great music.

This year's identity features wonderfull charming illustrations by Rick Berkelmans – aka Hedof – following award-winning work from the likes of Sarah Mazetti in 2013 and Nous Vous last year. All three were commissioned by Alex Ostrowski from Lovers Agency, which designed and art directed the Green Man identities.

The character-led illustrations perfectly encapsulate their meeting of people and nature that permeats the Green Man Festival. As the festival kicks off today, I sat down with Rick to discover more about the project.

NB: Have you worked on many festival projects before?

RB: "I've worked on a few festival related projects – like banners, flags, posters and area designs – but never a complete identity. So that was pretty cool! Especially Green Man festival, which is already known for its great illustrated identities every year."

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