Good news for all you iPad owners out there: FiftyThree's widely popular app, Paper, ditched its in-app purchase system on Thursday, opting for an all-you-can-eat download instead. Paper's Sketch, Outline, Write, Color, and Mixer tools are now available for free.

Paper has always been a free download that came with its basic tool called Draw, but additional tools used to cost 69p a pop, or you could opt for the £2.99 Essentials toolbox. You'd also unlock Paper's entire suite of tools with the purchase of FiftyThree's Pencil stylus (now available in gold). 

To add these tools, you'll need to download them individually within the app just as you would install an in-app purchase, but it won't cost you a thing. (Or, you could update the app, and they'll magically appear in your tool library.)

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