Illustrator, designer and Digital Arts contributor Dominique Byron has created a striking new set of prints based on conspiracy theories.

Designed as part of an exhibition at Manchester's Kosmonaut Bar venue, each of Dominique's prints represents a different conspiracy theory, from well-known conspiracies like the Bermuda Triangle to more obscure ideas like the mysterious disappearance of bees.

Dominique chose conspiracy theories as a theme for the new series because it's a subject that intrigues her and that she wanted to explore visually. "I love the research aspect of projects, so it gave me the opportunity to learn about all sorts of intriguing theories and cover ups; it was then a challenge to try and fit the ideas in to one image," she tells us. "I think I've only just scratched the surface."

Each image was made entirely in Photoshop, incorporating some scanned textures, patterns and marks.

Use the slideshow controls above and right to see all six of Dominique's new illustrations.

Right: The Devil's Triangle. Dominique explains:"The Devil's Triangle aka the Bermuda Triangle, is an area in the Atlantic ocean where many plans and ships have mysteriously gone missing, such as the five Avenger planes that went missing in 1945, or the USS Cyclops that also disappeared in 1918, or so legend had it. Some suggested reason for the disappearances are magnetic anomalies playing havoc with compasses, an underwater trench, bad weather and earthquakes."

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