We were disappointed by the official Star Wars: The Force Awakens film poster, but this is much, much better.

The poster has many of things we love about the original trilogy but seem to have got lost when the prequels were made: grimy textures, the epic scale of the galaxy (reflected in the sea that the X-Wing is flying over), iconic vehicle design – and a tone that's alternately exciting and melancholy, but never crass (yes we mean you, Jar Jar).

This screenprint is one of two posters created by LA-based design-and-illustration studio DKNG (aka Dan Kuhlken and Nathan Goldman) for the Art Awakens show at Gallery 1988, where artworks based on the Star Wars universe were sold to raise money for Unicef.

Produced in an edition of 150, you can't buy one – though there have been occasional competitions to win one (which is why DKNG have shared the work).

Read on to see a pencil sketch of the poster, more details and another Star Wars: The Force Awakens poster created by DKNG.

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