The fantastical human/nature hybrids by East Londoner Dan Hillier have been chosen to define the winter season of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre following a successful summer. 

Artistic director at the Globe Emma Rice says Dan's portraits took her breath away due to their arresting and subversive nature - so much so that she's using them again.

"I saw in them, the past and the future and started to fizz with ideas, passions and feelings. 

"He is an inspired, radical and sensuous artist that makes history vibrate to a modern tune."

Dan's art was the perfect fit for the 'Wonder' identity of the Globe's summer season.

The striking portraits were elongated up white pillars and displayed on walls in the theatre foyer, as well as featured on programmes, tickets, posters and in digital form on the website. Typography was also created by splicing together Dan's portraits.

You can see his portraits throughout the Globe's winter season from October 26 to February 2017.

Image: Puppeteer (2011) was used for the Globe's summer 'Wonder' season.

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