David Bowie has been an inspirational figure for a great many designers and artists, and since the sad news of his death this morning, it seems everyone has taken to Twitter to pay tribute to the musician, actor and visual pioneer.

Many have revealed their shock and sadness at the passing of a man who had only turned 69 in Friday, the day his latest album Blackstar was also released. As you’d expect from a community of visual creatives, many of these have taken the form of graphics and illustrations – whether drawn in response to Bowie’s death or plucked from projects celebrating happier occasions.

Here we’ve collected some of these works: not only to celebrate just how much of an impact a man equal parts Ziggy Stardust, the Thin White Duke and the Goblin King has had on us all – but also to ensure that they’re properly credited to the artists and designers behind them. We’ve seen many of these shared without the proper credit – especially Helen Green’s animated GIF (shown here) that charts Bowie's ever-changeling visual identity.

Helen created the GIF for Bowie’s 68th birthday a year ago – which she reworked into a trailer for Sky Art's Bowie weekend in November last year – and has created many other wonderful portraits of the singer.

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