Rumpus has a reputation as one of London's best club nights – and as one that gets patrons to put as much effort into making the night special as the organisers do. Held only four or five times a year – plus taking over part of the Wilderness Festival in Oxfordshire – the night brings together performers and artists, with attendees encouraged to create elaborate fancy dress costumes around a set theme.

The performers range from gypsy-punk bands to burlesque dancers to athletic circus performers (think Cirque Du Soleil rather than Billy Smart's) to artists, who work on live pieces as the night progresses. Rumpus is held in multi-room venues – usually the warren of connected spaces that is Electrowerkz in Islington –  patrons explore across the night. The result makes real what most people think a late-80s rave was like – full of diverse mix of happy people.

At the most recent Rumpus at the 11-room Coronet near Elephant & Castle – and the night's third birthday party – we met recent Middlesex illustration graduate Alex Moore, who has been producing artwork for the events for some time. Back in reality this week, we caught up with Alex to find out more about the project.

Use the slideshow controls above and right to read our interview with Alex and see more of her work.

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