In the days before the Internet went mainstream, two text-based services provided an innovative mix of interactive media to millions of people across Britain through their televisions. Despite BBC's Ceefax and ITV and Channel 4 Teletext being outmoded by the Web and then switched off as TV went digital, they still live on in a nostalgic part of people's hearts – a place (re)visited by a group of artists exhibiting at the second International Teletext Art Festival in Berlin.

Despite offering a resolution lower than most smartphones that breaks down into 80 x 72 grid of characters (letters, numbers and a few icons), teletext services offered a wealth of services. Designers at the service used very-basic-indeed tools to make pictures, tables and diagrams – allowing them to create comparatively complex presentations of news stories, weather reports, games (including the much-loved Bamboozle, recently recreated as a popular iPhone app), horse racing data for bettors and even sell holidays.

Use the slideshow controls above and right to see more of the artworks on show, learn more about the form and read our interview with FixC's Juha van Ingen. Right: artwork by Kathrin Gunter.

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